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Tips on Using This Form

This event submission form is for the use of Colorado School of Mines community members; submissions are subject to moderator approval.

If submitting multiple instances of the same event, please do not schedule them more than six months in advance.

You can enter multiple values into the Event Categories and Event Tags field.

The Event Categories field generally indicates the type of event, whether it's a lecture, workshop, networking event or something similar. This field also used to indicate which audience this event is for. Please choose from one of the following for any event you submit: Alumni, Faculty and Staff Families, For Students, Open to the Public. Again, multiple values are acceptable.

The Event Tags field ensures an event appears on the correct website. Values in this field can include academic and administrative departments, initiatives such as Diversity, Inclusion and Access, lecture and colloquium series.

Again, multiple values are acceptable for both fields.

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