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PE Distinguished Seminar Series: EOR in Conventional and UnConventional Reservoirs

November 15, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Dr. Mahmood Ahmadi

Co-founder and Vice-President of MI3 Petroleum Engineering


Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques such as gas injection (CO2, N2, natural gas) in mature fields which produced substantial amount of oil during their life is a proven technology in oil industry for several decades. Technically, due to reservoir oil and rock properties, reservoir structures and many other factors, either continuous or Huff-and Puff injection could be implemented.
On the other hand, Shale oil wells which are characterized by their high initial production (IP) following with rapid decline rate have shorter life with respect to conventional oil wells and in most cases yield to single digit primary recovery. In the early days of the shale industry, operators mainly focused on increasing the IP using technologies such as hydraulic fracturing, longer well lengths, increasing the number of frac stages, pumping larger jobs, improving well completion aspects, additional recompletions and stimulation methods, and well pad configurations. Recently, some companies are starting to focus on finding methods to extend the life of their wells and effectively increase recoveries to improve the return on the large capital investments already deployed in some of their assets.
One key aspect to extend the life of the existing wells and improve recovery is to discern viable IOR/EOR (Improved Oil Recovery/Enhanced Oil Recovery) methods to produce the vast stranded resources left behind by primary production. Thus, it is important to explore and expedite any screening and evaluation of promising and practical methods that seek to increase recovery. An initial challenge associated with shale reservoirs is the lack of historical implemented IOR/EOR records or projects. Hence, a screening phase becomes important to guide technical and financial resources to identify Where? What? and How? to apply these methods and technologies in a variety of rock and fluid settings. Due to the enormous resources in-place of shale reservoirs, as compared to conventional reservoirs, a minor increase in recovery has important economic and strategic consequences for those companies that develop the know-how of Unconventional Enhanced Oil Recovery (UEOR).
MI3 Petroleum Engineering has experience to screen, evaluate, design and implement several EOR projects in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Through those years of experiences, a workflow on how a project could be implemented is developed and found to be very practical for its clients. Some of the results of a Huff-and-Puff enhanced oil recovery in shale well in Eagle Ford and continuous full field CO2 injection in naturally fractured reservoirs in will be presented.

Mahmood Ahmadi is a co-founder and vice president at MI3 Petroleum Engineering located in Golden, Colorado. He holds a B.Sc. in Mining Exploration from Shahroud University of Technology in Iran, and M.Sc. and Ph.D in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines in the USA. In his professional career, Mahmood received 2002 honor student award from Iran Oil Ministry and he has published several papers in the SPE annual conferences one Journals. Mahmood has more than 12 years of work experiences as a reservoir simulation engineer in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. His PhD research was in the area of well testing and his M.Sc research was in Logging interpretations and techniques in fractured reservoirs.
Mahmood’s technical expertise and work experience is focused on screening, evaluating, and designing mature assets for EOR/IOR. He has been involved in two full field naturally fractured CO2 EOR design and implementation in the Rockies in the State of Wyoming (Big Sand Draw and Beaver Creek fields operated by Devon Energy) and one naturally fractured CO2 pilot project in Montana. He has also done variety of other projects for EOR/IOR (CO2, N2, natural gas, SAGD, TAGD, chemical flooding) in many domestic and international oil and gas fields. Mahmood has also several years of experience using numerical and analytical approaches in unconventional reservoirs (gas and oil shale) such as Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Bakken, STACK and Wolfcamp. He has extensive knowledge in Well Testing, Rate Transient Analysis, Reservoir Simulation, PVT analysis, Naturally Fractured Reservoirs, Well Logging and Geomechanics. Previously, Mahmood worked with Norwest Corporation, Baker Hughes and Admiral Bay Resources. He has worked on projects in USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Oman through his career.


November 15, 2019
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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