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Russell Johns: New Equation of State for Surfactant Enhancement Surface Recovery

October 12, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Current chemical flooding simulators model surfactant phase behavior by fitting experimental data to Hand’s empirical model. Such a model is not predictive and can only handle a few changing parameters, such as salinity and perhaps temperature. Further, the invariant point (microemulsion phase composition) for Winsor III (three-phase region) is also modelled empirically by fitting to limited experimental data.

This seminar will present a predictive equation-of-state approach to model microemulsion phase behavior for all Winsor regions. We modify the HLD-NAC (hydrophilic-lipophilic deviation and net average curvature) equations to ensure consistency over the entire composition space including type II- and II+ regions. A robust and efficient algorithm is developed that always converges and provides continuous estimates with any formation variable of tie lines and triangles for all Winsor types. Discontinuities are eliminated and limiting tie lines near critical points are determined analytically. The tuning procedure is demonstrated using several sets of experimental data. Excellent predictability of tie lines and tie triangles, and solubilization ratios are shown.


Russell T. Johns is the Trimble Chair of Energy and Mineral Sciences at the Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering at Penn State University. He also holds the Energi Simulation Chair in Fluid Behavior and Rock Interactions. He recently served as Chair of the Petroleum Program at Penn State, and is currently the Editor-In-Chief for SPE journals. He has over 250 publications in the area of enhanced oil recovery and well testing. Prior to his current position, he served on the faculty at The University of Texas at Austin for fifteen years. He also has nine years of industrial experience as a petrophysical engineer for Shell Oil and consultant for Colenco Power in Baden, Switzerland.


October 12, 2018
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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