Mines DI&A Council Meeting – General Campus

Guggenheim Hall 1500 Illinois St., Golden

The purpose of these monthly meetings is to engage all departments and campus units in guiding Mines DI&A, support your unit DI&A diversity efforts, share best practices as we implement our Strategic Plan for DI&A, and facilitate communication between the campus community and leadership. These meetings are open to the general campus.

Mindful Monday Kickoff

Arthur Lakes Library 1410 Illinois St., Golden

Join us for our kickoff Mindful Monday session featuring SoundOff on Monday September 13th from 2-3p.  SoundOff Colorado brings Multi-Channel Wireless Headphone Technology to all of your favorite fitness, yoga, meditation, and mindful wellness classes. Sound Off™ headphones connect with participants and zero in on the participation at hand. External distractions are eliminated as only the music and instructor’s […]