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DI&A Council – Parallel Mission


Teams Meeting ·         1/24 1pm – 1:30pm ·         2/28 1pm – 1:30pm ·         3/28 1pm – 1:30pm ·         4/25 1pm – 1:30pm Campus units have a parallel mission and goals to the Mines DI&A Strategic Plan. The DI&A leadership team will hold monthly meetings to help 1) facilitate collaboration; 2) amplify and support each other’s program and activities; and […]

DISTINGUISHED SEMINAR SERIES: Dave Cramer, ConocoPhillips Company

Marquez Hall 1600 Arapahoe St., Golden

This presentation covers the essential elements of limited entry treatment design and reviews a case study of plug-and-perf horizontal well treatments in an unconventional shale play. In the case study, various diagnostic methods were used to better understand and quantify the factors determining limited entry effectiveness. Three diagnostic methods were implemented: 1.) injection step-down tests […]

VIP Presents: Design Your Career w/Dr. Sid Saleh

Brown Hall 1610 Illinois St., Golden

Dr. Sid Saleh of the McNeil Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation joins us to discuss how you can chart a fulfilling career path and stand out to potential employers now and in the future.  This workshop will tie a variety of concepts including your personal brand, team communication, collaboration, networking, and storytelling to showcase how […]