Physics colloquium-“Dial ‘M’ for Muons”

CoorsTek Center for Applied Science and Engineering 1523 Illinois St., Golden

Gordan Krnjaic Fermilab Abstract: The longstanding muon g-2 anomaly is perhaps the largest discrepancy in fundamental physics and could become the first laboratory discovery of physics beyond the Standard Model of particles and interactions. In this talk, I will review what it means to measure a magnetic dipole moment, categorize the different theoretical possibilities for new particles that resolve the anomaly, […]

VIP Presents: An Awkward Person’s Guide to Networking (Pre-Mixer Workshop)

McNeil Hall 1400 Maple St., Golden

Do you find it hard to walk up to people and strike up a conversation? Networking doesn't have to be as scary and as painful as it many make it out to be.  More often than not, we let fear take over and we get in our own heads about how to navigate this crucial […]