Special Physics colloquium, “Thermal-Radiation Engineering: Innovations and Opportunities”

CoorsTek Center for Applied Science and Engineering 1523 Illinois St., Golden

Yuzhe Xiao University of Wisconsin-Madison Abstract: Every hot object emits electromagnetic radiation, which is called thermal radiation or thermal emission. Thermal radiation is a ubiquitous phenomenon, with examples including the light emitting from the sun or from an incandescent lightbulb. Even though thermal radiation has been well-known from the century-old Planck’s law, recent applications of […]


Berthoud Hall 1516 Illinois St., Golden

Dr. Don Rosenberry, United States Geological Survey Thursday, April 7, 2022 in BE 241/ Zoom, 4-5PM Groundwater-surface-water Exchange Unrelated to Measured Hydraulic Gradients: Unraveling the Complexities at the Sediment-water Interface Abstract: Hydrogeologists are taught that exchange between groundwater and surface water is driven by hydraulic gradients and governed by hydraulic conductivity.  Although true in most […]

National Poetry Month with award-winning poet Roger Reeves!

Center for Technology and Learning Media (CTLM) 1650 Arapahoe St., Golden

This event is April 7 from 5:30-6:30pm, Location CTLM 102, and by Zoom National Poetry Month with the poet Roger Reeves! Join us in celebrating award-winning poet Roger Reeves’ new book, “Best Barbarian”—a mesmerizing second collection from Reeves (King Me) reflects intergenerational racial trauma and personal tragedy with a remarkable balance of acute feeling and […]