Mines DI&A Council Meeting – General


https://mines.zoom.us/j/94415652750?pwd=bGp6b0Y2QndhdXd1R055ZjM3NnFTZz09     Password: 745656 ·         2/14 11am – 12pm ·         3/14 11am – 12pm ·         4/11 11am – 12pm ·         5/9 11am – 12pm The purpose of these monthly meetings is to engage all departments and campus units in guiding Mines DI&A, support your unit DI&A diversity efforts, share best practices as we implement our Strategic Plan for DI&A, and facilitate communication between the […]

Special Physics colloquium, “Advancing Printed Semiconductor Electronics via Control over Interfaces & Microstructure”

CoorsTek Center for Applied Science and Engineering 1523 Illinois St., Golden

Ahmad Kirmani NREL Abstract: The ability to render semiconductors into inks and to print them with bespoke properties promises the herald of next-generation low-cost printed semiconductor electronics for terrestrial and space applications. While several semiconductor inks have emerged including metal oxides, colloidal quantum dots, perovskites, polymers, and 2D materials, ink printing lacks the pristine quality […]


Marquez Hall 1600 Arapahoe St., Golden

Hydraulic Fracture Geometry Characterization in Unconventional Reservoirs: Numerical Modeling and Data Interpretation Multi-stage hydraulic fracturing with horizontal drilling is a key technique to economically unlock hydrocarbon in unconventional reservoirs. Despite their successful applications, accurate characterization of the complex hydraulic fracture geometry that is created in unconventional reservoirs remains challenging due to the complexities of stress […]