Innovation Flash Challenge


Want to improve virtual experiences?  Register today here: Explore augmented reality ideas that transcend the virtual and real worlds Cash prizes and lunch The first 20 students to register and participate receive door prizes from Vans or The North Face  


Mines DI&A Council Meeting – General Campus

Guggenheim Hall 1500 Illinois St., Golden, CO

The purpose of these monthly meetings is to engage all departments and campus units in guiding Mines DI&A, support your unit DI&A diversity efforts, share best practices as we implement our Strategic Plan for DI&A, and facilitate communication between the campus community and leadership. These meetings are open to the general campus.

Mindful Monday Kickoff

Arthur Lakes Library 1410 Illinois St., Golden, CO

Join us for our kickoff Mindful Monday session featuring SoundOff on Monday September 13th from 2-3p.  SoundOff Colorado brings Multi-Channel Wireless Headphone Technology to all of your favorite fitness, yoga, meditation, and mindful wellness classes. Sound Off™ headphones connect with participants and zero in on the participation at hand. External distractions are eliminated as only the music and instructor’s […]


Career Day (In-Person)

Student Recreation Center 1651 Elm St, Golden, CO

The Mines Career Center will be holding an on-campus Career Day in addition to a Virtual Career day. Please see the DiggerNet system for registration details.

Physics Colloquium: “Taming the BeEST: Rare-Isotopes, Quantum Sensors, & Our Quest for the New Standard Model”

CoorsTek Center for Applied Science and Engineering 1523 Illinois St., Golden, CO

Kyle Leach Colorado School of Mines, Department of Physics Abstract: The search for sterile neutrinos is among the brightest possibilities in our quest for understanding the microscopic nature of dark matter in our universe.  Experiments that hunt for these particles using large-volume direct-detection methods, however, have an inherent disadvantage in these searches since sterile neutrinos […]

Library Open House

Arthur Lakes Library 1410 Illinois St., Golden, CO

join us for a fun afternoon of FOOD, ACTIVITIES, GIVEAWAYS and refreshments! Stop by the library on September 15th between 1-4p. We want to welcome all returning students, staff, faculty, as well as all the first-year students. Come learn about some of the recourses that the library has to offer as well as learn about […]


Constitutional Day: The Intersection of Public Health Mandates and Individual Freedom

Ben H. Parker Student Center 1200 16th St., Golden, CO

Come celebrate the 234th anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution with snacks and an important discussion about the Constitution and Public Health Mandates. Professor Levine will be discussing how the Constitution shapes the political decision-making process, and how it frames the "General Welfare" and "Public Safety" aspects of governmental powers. He will examine […]


Physics Colloquium: “Building Physics Majors: We C.A.R.E.–An Emphasis on Recruitment/Retention/Research of 1st & 2nd Year Students”

CoorsTek Center for Applied Science and Engineering 1523 Illinois St., Golden, CO

Willie Rockward Morgan State University, Physics & Engineering Physics Abstract: Building physics majors at any institution, especially Morgan State University – a public, urban, HBCU institution, can be very challenging. To address this challenge, I am applying a modified version of my pedagogical approach called “We C.A.R.E.” which stands for Curriculum, Advisement, Recruitment/Retention/Research, and Extras. […]

Virtual Career Day

Virtual Event CO

The Mines Career Center will be holding a Virtual Career Day in addition to our on-campus Career Fair. Please see the DiggerNet system for registration details.

QBE Seminar Series: “Harnessing Chaos: Rational Design of Surfaces for Cavitation-Based Imaging Agents, Nanomotors, and Protein Therapeutics”

Alderson Hall 1613 Illinois St., Golden, CO

QBE Seminar Series presents: Dr. Andrew P. Goodwin, Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering with CU Boulder, and founder of the Goodwin Research Group. Cavitation events, or the formation of a gas pocket in a liquid medium, can be highly destructive and disruptive. We have sought to understand how surfaces can facilitate or inhibit […]


VIP Professional Development – Mitigating Implicit Bias

Marquez Hall 1600 Arapahoe St., Golden, CO

This three-part interactive workshop unpacks implicit/unconscious bias, invites participants to consider their own biases and the ways biases manifest in an organization. Specific strategies and skill-building are offered for minimizing them on both personal and organizational levels. The workshop is facilitated by Mines DI&A Ambassadors and sponsored by the Vallejo Irvine Program for Professional Development. This […]


Geophysics Alumni Reunion

Green Center 924 16th Street, Golden, CO

Geophysics Alumni are invited to attend a fun-filled weekend of events. Keynote speaker: Katarina Gonzales.

Critical Mineral and Sustainable Development – Webinar

Virtual Event CO

Please join the Payne Institute for Public Policy at the Colorado School of Mines and Virginia Tech as we welcome Fellow Rod Eggert, Professor, Viola Vestal Coulter Foundation Chair in Mineral […]

Van Tuyl Lecture: Majorie Chan, University of Utah

Berthoud Hall 1516 Illinois St., Golden, CO

Majorie Chan, University of Utah Thursday, September 30, 2021, 4PM, BE 241/ Virtual Topic: Red Rocks from Earth to Mars Abstract: Mars is an exciting frontier for sedimentology, with opportunities […]

Reuleaux Writing Grant Application Open

Virtual Event CO

The Reuleaux Writing Grant Application opens on October 1st, 2021. The deadline to apply for the 2021-2022 RWG is November 1st, 2021. You will be notified if you’re receiving the RWG […]


Innov8x Flash Challenge

McNeil Hall 1400 Maple St., Golden, CO

Please join us for part two of Innov8x Flash Challenge. Where students will move from problem-phase into solution-phase. Teams pitch solution pretotype to Mines Alumni and VF Corporation. Register today […]


Job Search Secrets

Ben H. Parker Student Center 1200 16th St., Golden, CO

Career Day is only the kick-off to the job search!  This workshop will help to debunk myths about the job search, while offering tips and tricks for staying motivated, managing your time, and implementing a strategic job search. This event will be in-person only in the Student Center Ballroom D. If you cannot attend in-person […]