PE Distinguished Seminar: Understanding and Mitigating Man-made Earthquakes

Marquez Hall 1600 Arapahoe St., Golden, CO

RUBEN JUANES Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT Earthquakes occur when faults slip. While the most devastating earthquakes are of tectonic origin, human activities have been associated with the triggering of earthquakes that have caused substantial economic damage and societal concern. The demonstration that fluid injection can cause earthquakes dates back to the 1970s […]

SEIS on Mars: First Legacy after Four Years of Seismic Monitoring of Mars

Green Center 924 16th Street, Golden, CO

SEIS, the international seismometer of NASA?s InSight mission, operated on Mars from February 20 19 until mid- December 20 22. For the first time, a robotic seismometer installation was made on the ground followed by wind shield deployment. We present results in term of anisotropy, attenuation and scattering. Seismic source analyses have determined magnitude, depth […]

2nd Annual Vip Professional Development Symposium

Ben H. Parker Student Center 1200 16th St., Golden, CO

The Vallejo Irvine Program for Professional Development (VIP) is proud to host our 2nd annual VIP Professional Development Symposium on Wednesday, March 1st from 4:00 – 6:30 pm in the Student Center Grand Ballroom. Sage B. Hobbs, host of “Race, Culture, & Beyond: A Naked Conversations Podcast Series” and author of Naked Communication, joins us to discuss […]

VIP Presents: Leading Yourself First w/Charlyn Moss

Brown Hall 1610 Illinois St., Golden, CO

We often talk about leading others, and talk less often about what is required to lead yourself. Developing as leaders requires a sense of creativity, successful mindsets, and the ability to speak the truth. Charlyn Moss, Chief of Staff at EdSolutions and Founder of Working Within, will take students through a series of activities to […]

Celebration of DI&A at Mines

Green Center 924 16th Street, Golden, CO

Halfway through the year, we set aside time for all of campus to gather to learn about progress on the Mines DI&A Strategic Plan, share updates on department and campus units’ implementation plan goals and engage in learning and skill development opportunities at the Celebration of DI&A at Mines. Looking for information on last year’s event? Revisit the […]


VIP Presents: Embracing Your Professional Self In Stem (W/ Ball Aerospace)

Marquez Hall 1600 Arapahoe St., Golden, CO

Join us for an intimate conversation with panelists from Ball Aerospace as they share their stories, experiences, and insights in navigating a career in STEM and what owning your professional identity entails—particularly as a BIPOC professional.  Our panelists come from various backgrounds including experience and education and currently serve in several capacities at Ball Aerospace!

VIP Presents: Intern Launch Workshop

Ben H. Parker Student Center 1200 16th St., Golden, CO

Getting ready to start a summer internship?  Learn more adjusting to your internship site, organizational structure, and expectations as an intern. We’ll also be covering time and project management and how to develop your career portfolio, references, and a track record of success.  Our final workshop will also feature a Mines student panel who will […]