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PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Transport Mechanisms for Oil Shale and Implications for the Solvent Huff’n-Puff Process

Marquez Hall 1600 Arapahoe St., Golden

Dr. Russell Johns Penn State University, Visiting Scholar at Colorado School of Mines Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) by solvent injection offers significant potential to increase recovery from shale oil reservoirs, which are typically between 3 and 7% OOIP. The rather sparse literature on this topic typically models these tight reservoirs based on conventional reservoir processes […]

Russell Johns: New Equation of State for Surfactant Enhancement Surface Recovery

Abstract: Current chemical flooding simulators model surfactant phase behavior by fitting experimental data to Hand’s empirical model. Such a model is not predictive and can only handle a few changing parameters, such as salinity and perhaps temperature. Further, the invariant point (microemulsion phase composition) for Winsor III (three-phase region) is also modelled empirically by fitting […]

PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Interaction Between Proppant Compaction and Single/Multiphase Flows in a Hydraulic Fracture

Marquez Hall 1600 Arapahoe St., Golden

Cheng Chen, Ph.D. Pore-scale Imaging/Modeling and the Application in the Study of Proppant Compaction and Embedment Understanding of proppant transport and deposition patterns in a hydraulic fracture is critical for effective and economical production of hydrocarbons. In this research, a numerical modeling approach, combining the discrete element method (DEM) with single-/multiphase lattice Boltzmann (LB) simulation, […]

PE Distinguished Seminar Series: How to Make Compositional Simulation Truly Compositional

Marquez Hall 1600 Arapahoe St., Golden

Russell Johns Abstract: Current compositional simulators include compositional equation-of-state fluid models, but do not account for compositional effects on relative permeability, capillary pressure, and grid-block flux calculations.  Relative permeability, for example, is still based on “old thinking” related to labeling of phases as “oil, gas, and water.”  Labeling causes significant discontinuities that can result in […]

PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Assessment of Critical Conditions Required for Effective Hole Cleaning in Horizontal Wells

Marquez Hall 1600 Arapahoe St., Golden

Ergün Kuru from University of Alberta Assessment of Critical Conditions Required for Effective Hole Cleaning in Horizontal Wells Hole cleaning is a complex process as there are many variables affect cuttings removal (e.g. drilling fluid type, density, flow rate and rheological properties, cuttings size, hole inclination angle, drill pipe rotation speed and eccentricity). Among these variables, […]

PE Distinguished Seminar: Unconventional Well Applications – Challenges for Artificial Lift

Marquez Hall 1600 Arapahoe St., Golden

Francisco Alhanati from CFER Unconventional well applications - Challenges for artificial lift Unconventional well applications present several challenges for artificial lift.  The rapid production decline usually makes it necessary for operators to change the lift system after certain time, and minimizing the costs associated with these changes is paramount.  The deep, long horizontal well configuration […]

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